Top Of The Charts

I focus on helping people in the South African music business establish a presence on the internet, and market and sell their music to the world.

Top 5 Search Engines
Top 5 Search Engines

If my potential clients are searching on the internet, firstly they will probably use Google as over 90% of all searches by people in South Africa are done using Google.

Secondly, I would like appear on the first page results for organic searches for “music consultant south africa“.

Organic means natural results not paid-for results. Pay-per-click Google Ads can work well, but the minute you stop paying, the clicks stop. Organic results have longevity.

A Google search for “music consultant south africa” today puts my website at the top spot. So not only am I on the first page, I am at the top (and two of my other pages appear in second and fifth place).

So I can tick that off my list now.


3 thoughts on “Top Of The Charts

  1. Avril Kinsey Sunday, 7th November 2010 / 2:04 pm

    I have several portfolios, all music related. Please keep me on your email list for anything in the music business which may be useful for my students at CTAM, or for marketing our guitar festival, or for my personal performances, lectures and CD sales.

    Thank you sincerely
    Avril Kinsey

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