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A Website is the perfect solution for Musicians

These people say ... Brian Currin is My Web Guy
These people all say … Brian Currin is My Web Guy is the perfect website solution for people who want to:

  • promote their music
  • connect with their fans
  • do their own updates
  • showcase their videos
  • showcase their photos
  • showcase their music
  • save money

Some Questions People Ask

Q. What are the benefits of

A. There are many benefits, here are some of the main ones:

  • Free web hosting
  • Free web themes
  • Free Content Management System
  • Ability to include own header and background on most themes
  • Google-friendly
  • Mobile-friendly
  • YouTube, Soundcloud, Google Maps, etc can be embedded
  • Contact Form – helps reduce spam
  • Social Media feeds can be embedded
  • Blog can update Social Media platforms automatically
  • Analytical Information
  • Premium themes and upgrades available at reasonable prices


Q. Aren’t websites expensive?

A. They don’t have to be. Depending on your requirements, you really don’t need to break the bank. A website can be set up without incurring costs for web hosting, graphic design and web development. Read more.

Q. What is the difference between and

A. Basically a website is ideal for people who want to get on with focussing on running their business. is great if you are happy to pay for web hosting and pay a web developer for their time.  Read more.

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Things to blog about

Thought I would share my “to do” list of topics, ideas and themes I am planning to blog about sometime soon:

  • Santana’s Guitar Heaven album review.
  • “I am too busy to blog”
  • “My customers aren’t on Facebook”
  • Websites are dead
  • There are more people sharing content than there are creating content
  • Stop chasing: news, customers, money
  • I don’t watch TV or listen to the radio or read newspapers – how you going to sell to me now?
  • “Twitter is a waste of time”
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You Should Be Blogging

Summer Special

R900 to set up a WordPress blog for you, and provide coding for a Blog Feed which you, or your web developer, can embed into your website.

Special Offer: For a limited time only I will also create a Twitter profile for no extra charge. I usually ask R200 for this.

If you would like to be included in my pending projects schedule for January or February, please contact me:


You Should Be Blogging, Because …

  • A blog helps people to find you
  • A blog helps people to trust you
  • A blog helps people engage with you
  • A blog enhances your online reputation
  • A blog helps improve sales
  • A blog is part of the Social Media Marketing trend which is growing in leaps and bounds
  • A blog is fun
  • A blog is open to the world, not just limited to your friends, followers and fans
  • A blog can be subscribed to by your friends and followers
  • A blog can be updated by just sending an email
  • A blog can automatically resize images and create an online gallery
  • A blog can show YouTube videos
  • A blog can show slideshows, sourced from MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, Slide and more
  • A blog can play SoundCloud music
  • A blog can automatically update your Twitter profile
  • A blog can automatically update your Facebook profile and page
  • A blog can automatically update your website
  • A blog can automatically update your Yahoo profile
  • A blog is found very quickly by Search Engines

You Should Be Blogging
Google Search for You Should Be Blogging by Brian Currin (3 minutes)

Blogging requires patience and perseverance, but the rewards are fantastic.

Success Stories (just a few)

Statistics 14 December 2009
Statistics 14 December 2009

Brian Currin

My blog has grown fantastically since February 2009, and currently has a Google page rank of 4/10.

Martin Myers


Neo Muyanga (from Blk Sonshine)

Harry Talas

Tina Schouw

7th Son

Cape Tourist Guides Association

The Cape Tour

Amanzi Blue


Viper Lounge

SMD Technical

Slackpacker SA

CapeTown Sound

Pending Projects include

Blk Sonshine

Justin Bergh

Unfazed Productions

Barry van Zyl (Johnny Clegg’s drummer)

Planet Africa Productions

Hot Studs Earrings

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