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Table Mountain Blues Summit: Final Countdown


Final Countdown to Blues Summit 2011
Well Guys and Gals …it’s been a tough year for alot of people….
But for the price of a ‘R180 ticket’ we can put it all behind us for 11 hours on Saturday and forget our worries and woes

and get into the spirit of one of the Biggest, Bluesiest and Grooviest Festivals in the country…. ……..

The Band Menu and Prices:
12 45 to 1 15 Wayne Pauli
1 25 to 2 SpaceMan

2 15 to 3 Raoul and Black Friday
3 15 to 4 Dave Ferguson
4 15 to 5 Natasha Meister
5 15 to 6 Gerald Clark Band
6 15 to 7 05 Richard Pryor’s ‘Pebbleman’
(Fender Guitar Giveaway)

7 20 to 8 15 Blues Broers and Albert Frost
8 30 to 9 30 Boulevard Blues
9 45 to 10 45 Dan Patlansky
11 to 11 45 Black Cat Bone

Book now …
Direct Link: Computicket or 083 9158000
Remember only computickets are eligible for the Fender Guitar lucky draw which will take place at about 7pm on the day.
Band Merchandise will be on sale including Blues Summit 2011 T-shirts…. so bring some change.

NB: Bring plenty of clothing because Bloemendal can get cold especially at night

  • 11 of the greatest and most exciting blues/rock bands that South Africa has to offer
  • State of the art outdoor festival sound rig of 30 000watts
  • Huge LED backdrop TV screen of 25 square metres
  • Fantastic light show and LED’s
  • We have the obligatory Fender guitar giveaway… yes you could win a Fender guitar and plenty of smaller prizes
  • Massive stage with moving lights and 2 projector screens
  • Plenty of food and refreshments, a full food menu and plenty of outside bars
  • Plenty of men and women’s toilets
  • Lots of free off street parking
  • Huge marquee supplied
  • Beautiful rolling lawns on this charming farm where you can relax and watch your favourite bands
  • Kids under 11 are free

How do I get there?


GPS Coordinates Decimal Decimal Deg Min & Sec Deg & Decimal Min
Latitude -33.8386° S 33.8386° S 33° 50′ 18.96″ -33° 50.316′
Longitude 18.5993° E 18.5993° E 18° 35′ 57.48″ 18° 35.958′

Address Phone 021 9762682
Tygerbergvalley Road
Western Cape
South Africa

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Poseletso – Madiba, We Love You

MP3 of this Madiba Tribute song is available to download exclusively from


This song was originally composed to celebrate MADIBA’s 90th birthday.

Subsequently,  it was developed into a simple anthem of celebration …

POSELETSO is a stunning young South African lady, who dazzled IDOLS views with her stunning vocals.

Her interpretation of the lyric is calm and understated – yet inspirational …

“MADIBA’ is a simple song for a giant of mankind.


The video was made as a collective effort by students at Cape Town’s CITY VARSITY. It was made on a minimal budget – making maximum use of the student’s creativity.

As such, a beautiful, simple and organic feel was achieved – in keeping with the humility of Nelson Mandela.

‘Madiba’ was composed by Patric van Blerk, Natasha Simone & Paul Petersen – and produced by Keith de Kock & Storm FX @ CapeTown Sound in Woodstock.

The song is published by CapeTown Sound / KOHCO.

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“Upload and leave” websites are no longer an option

In today’s fast-changing online world, it is no longer a viable option to build a website and just leave it, and hope that people will be searching for you and / or your product and services.

You need to be actively telling people about your business, your music, your services, whatever it is that you offer that makes you unique and special.

Blogging is a wonderful way to do this. With, blogging can be as easy as sending an email (yes, really), and what you blog about can automatically appear on your website, and on your Facebook profile.

And the real power of Twitter is not how many followers you can get (come on, who really reads all those tweets anyway?), but that you can embed your Tweet feed into your website, your MySpace page and your Facebook profile.

Your web presence can be dynamic and engaging without paying dynamic (i.e. expensive) web hosting fees, and no need to develop fancy Content Management Systems. And even more importantly, it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand all the technology.

Online marketing is about marketing (hence the name) and technology just provides the tools. Imagine if you had to be an mechanical engineer to drive a car. The same with the internet. Cyberspace is not a private place  for a select few. Anyone can harness the power of the many opportunities that exist. As they said at the Netprophet conference, the internet allows ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

It just takes patience and perseverance.

You can do everything yourself, but if you would prefer to spend your time doing what you do best, like showing overseas visitors the beauty of Cape Town, or being on stage playing your heart out, or walking down a ramp in the latest fashions, then let me help you embrace the future.

Further reading:

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Cape Town Panorama

Posted by Duck’s Back Touring, 7 July 2009

To those of you who live in Cape Town, enjoy the view. To those who are leaving Cape Town, take the view along. To those who have left Cape Town, break your hearts. To those who have not been to Cape Town, see what you are missing of God’s grand creation….. It may be the Cape of Storms, but wow, the days we’ve had inbetween are so glorious! (click image for full panoramic view)

click image for full panoramic view of Cape Town
Cape Town Panorama