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Piet Botha – Goeienag Generaal

The real story behind the Border War; not for sensitive listeners. Originally released on ‘Suitcase Vol Winter‘ in 1997.

Here I am talking about my first hearing of Piet Botha’s Goeienag Generaal
I was at this concert!
Piet Botha’s Goeienag Generaal by Skuim
Piet Botha – Goeienag Generaal

Goeienag Generaal

Ja, dit was die oorlog vir die nuwe dag
Vir die kerkraad, swanger meisie wat wag
In die reën, al die kinders wat die dominee seën,
Al die jong laaities nou net uit die skool,
Welkom, welkom
Dit was vir die ryk man op Waterkloofstraat
Blink gebou, almal werk, maar niemand mag praat
Was vir die weduwees en die armes van gees
En almal in uniform, en die kapelaan lees

Maar Whitey, jou oë op daar dag
Was blou net soos die lug
Toe ons weer so kyk
Het ‘n AK jou fucked-up geskiet
Goeienag Generaal

Hulle was die oorlog vir die nuwe dag
Vir Harry Oppenheimer en al sy maats
Vir Rembrandt van Rijn en Alfred Dunhill
En die OK Bazaars
En die hele bloody spul by die SAUK
Julle was die oorlog vir die CIA
Generaal ry rond in sy blink swart kar
Speel skaak met die kinders van ons land
En agter hom is die wêreld nou erg aan die brand

Maar Whitey, jou oë op daar dag
Was blou net soos die lug
Toe ons weer so kyk
Het ‘n AK jou fucked-up geskiet
Goeienag Generaal

Maar Whitey, jou oë op daar dag
Was blou net soos die lug
Toe ons weer so kyk
Het ‘n AK jou fucked-up geskiet
Goeienag Generaal, slaap lekker

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11 August 1972

50 Years Ago This Week!

SA Singles Charts


136Sunday, Monday, Tuesday –Jessica Jones
2111Come What May (aka Aprés Toi) –Vicky Leandros
325Sylvia’s Mother –Dr. Hook
449I Need Someone –Alan Garrity
598Song Sung Blue –Neil Diamond
657Nice to be with You –Gallery
7613Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress –Hollies
8104Vincent –Don McLean
9166Little Willy –Sweet
10148Someday Never Comes –Creedence Clearwater Revival
1177Morning Has Broken –Cat Stevens
12820Beautiful Sunday –Daniel Boone
13158Feels Like a Woman –Troggs
14185Metal Guru –T. Rex
151112The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face –Roberta Flack

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What Am I Listening To? Traffic!

Rock Legends: Traffic [1970 to 1974]

A mix of one of my favourite Prog Rock bands from the early ’70s, Traffic, which featured Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi.

The double live album “On The Road” released in 1973, is one of my all-time favourite live albums, so I’ve included all the tracks from that album in this mix.

Please also take a listen to:

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Steve Louw – Train Don’t Run

Steve Louw – Train Don’t Run

This album (Headlight Dreams) is filled with great songs, from the bluesy, lyrically hard-hitting “Get Out Of My Heart” to the bouncy “Queen Bee Maybe” with its delightful Hammond organ solo from Kevin McKendree, however my favourite track on this album is the almost proggish “Train Don’t Run”. Clocking in at seven and half minutes this is an epic tune that you hope never finishes. There is a soaring guitar solo by Rob McNelly that David Gilmour fans will love. No surprise to discover that this track was mixed (by Kevin Shirley) on the same console as the classic “Dark Side Of The Moon“.

Brian Currin, June 2021, from Illuminating Headlight Dreams

Steve Louw – Train Don’t Run

My grandfather was a railroadman and in the 1930s my father rode trains looking for work. To me, trains symbolise our attempts to bend nature to our will – and we’re seeing that trying to do that will never work. Silence will always return to the plains, the wind will blow, tracks will crumble and the earth will breathe again. This song has the wide open plains in it; dry cracked earth and a broken land.

The song builds from a driving acoustic guitar and hypnotic bassline to a haunting guitar solo by Rob. The production brings out the relentlessness of the song and of what we inflict on our planet.

Steve Louw

Train Don’t Run

The wind blows across empty plains
That hold so many bones
The rails glow years since the rain
Horses roam on broken stones
Train don’t run round here no more
Train is gone for us all

Put down a coin on the track
Saw silver turn through black
Seeds thrown all come back
Haunt the earth broken and cracked
Train don’t run round here no more
Train won’t come for us all

I can help you cross if you’ll let me
Spirits roam across this broken land
What’s been lost you can see
Count the cost can’t understand
Train don’t run round here no more
Train is gone for us all

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NEXT STOP… SOWETO feat Mahotella Queens, Harari, The Movers, Flaming Souls, Reggie Msomi


Compiled from the four volumes of “Next Stop… Soweto” released by Strut Records.

Track List

1. Masisizwane – Abafana Bama Soul
2. Kokro-Ko (Hide & Seek) – The Actions
3. The Things We Do In Soweto – Almon Memela
4. Last Time – Anchors
5. Bazali Bam – Bazali Bam
6. Wenzani Umoya – The Big Four
7. Soul Time Nzimande Go – Bra Sello & His Band
8. Orlando – Dennis Mpale
9. Back Home Soul – Down Tones
10. Ain’t Sittin’ Down Doin’ Nothing – The Drive
11. Joe’s Jika – Dudu Pukwana & The Spears
12. Can You Feel It – Electric Six
13. Khombo Ranga – Elias Maluleke & Mavambe Girls
14. Mosquito – Flaming Souls
15. I Am There – Grasshoppers
16. Iza Wena – Happy Africa
17. Give – Harari
18. Funky Message – Heroes
19. Emakhaya – The Heshoo Beshoo Group
20. Get Down – Isaac & The Sakie Special Band
21. Khubani – J. K. Mayengani And The Shingwedzi Sisters
22. Take Me To Brazil – Jazz Ministers
23. Unga Pfula A Chi Pfalo – Kabasa
24. Nkuli’s Shuffle – The Klooks
25. Mr J.S. Mpanza – Lucky Strike Sisters
26. Umkhovu – Mahlathini & The Queens
27. Wozani Mahipi – Mahotella Queens
28. Sangoma – Malombo
29. Ubukhwele – Margaret Singana
30. I Sivenoe – Melotone Sisters With Amaqola Band
31. Akulalwa Esoweto – The Mgababa Queens
32. Blockhead – The Monks
33. Soweto Disco – The Movers
34. Tiba Kamo – Phillip Malela
35. Nomacala – Piston Mahlathini & The Queens
36. Soul Chakari – Reggie Msomi & His Hollywood Jazz Band
37. Kuya Hanjwa – S. Piliso & His Super Seven
38. 1, 2, 3 – Saitana
39. 10 to 11 – Sammy Boy
40. Be There – Skyf
41. Pinese’s Dance – The Soul Giants
42. Little Girl – Soul Throbs
43. Joy – Spirits Rejoice
44. Take Off – Tempo All Stars
45. Stay Cool – Tete Mbambisa
46. Gwinyitshe – The Toreadors
47. Manano – Xoliso
48. Inkonjane Jive – Zed Nkabinde

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Jethro Tull – All The Best (Imaginary Disc 3)

An Imaginary 3rd disc to include some of my Jethro Tull favourites that were not on the 2012 “All The Best” 2CD set.

Track List

1Stormy Monday Blues (BBC)
2Come On All You Criminals (incl Thick As A Brick, edit #4)
3Critique Oblique (1972 Chateau d’Isaster version, reworked as part of A Passion Play, edit #5, 1973)
4A Passion Play, edit #8 (Overseer Overture)
5Rainbow Blues
6A Small Cigar (Too Old To Rock ‘n Roll: Too Young To Die! out-take)
9Part Of The Machine
10Jack-A-Lynn (1981, remix 1988) The Broadsword And The Beast out-take
11Rosa On The Factory Floor
12Still Loving You Tonight
13Black Sunday (1980, remix 1993)
14At Last, Forever
15First Snow On Brooklyn
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Music Of Our Time [South Africa 1971] featuring Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Chicago, Janis Joplin, Music Corporation

Music Of Our Time [South Africa 1971]
Music Of Our Time [South Africa 1971]

In 1971, CBS South Africa released a budget sampler album, which introduced me to a number of great bands and artists.

Track List

1. Livin’ In Heat – Chase
2. In And Out Of Love – The Rascals
3. Nightmare #5 – Al Kooper
4. Lowdown – Chicago
5. If Not For You – Bob Dylan
6. Celebration – Argent
7. Wrong End Of The Rainbow – Tom Rush
8. Devil Lady – Dreams
9. Blackpatch – Laura Nyro
10. Things Yet To Come – Sweathog
11. Se A Cabo – Santana
12. Famous Blue Raincoat – Leonard Cohen
13. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (live 1970) – Johnny Winter
14. Get It – Music Corporation
15. C’mon (live 1971) – Poco
16. Move Over – Janis Joplin & The Full Tilt Boogie Band
17. Give It Everything You Got – Edgar Winter’s White Trash
18. Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me) – Blood, Sweat & Tears

More information at:

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Genesis – R-Kive [Expanded]

Genesis – R-Kive [Expanded]

A 3-CD box set released in 2014. A compilation of Genesis tunes as well as songs from various solo projects and off-shoots. I have added another 26 tracks as bonuses.

I would like to have included Mike Rutherford’s “At The End Of The Day” and “Philadelphia Baby” by The Crawling King Snakes, which was a once-off project in 1985, featuring Robert Plant (from Led Zeppelin), Dave Edmunds, Paul Martinez and Phil Collins. I was unable to find them on Spotify, so I have added their Youtube videos below.

South African Chart History

Genesis | Peter Gabriel | Phil Collins

Mike & The Mechanics never made the South African charts despite having hits on the Radio 5, Capital 604 and Radio 702 charts.

John Samson

Mike Rutherford – At The End Of The Day
The Crawling King Snakes – Philadelphia Baby