Top Ten Tunes: Tin Machine

My top ten favourite songs from David Bowie’s short-lived TIn Machine project.

“Tin Machine were an English-American hard rock band formed in 1988, famous for being fronted by English singer-songwriter David Bowie. The band consisted of Bowie on lead vocals and guitar, Reeves Gabrels on guitar, Tony Sales on bass, and Hunt Sales on drums. Guitarist Kevin Armstrong was an unofficial fifth member of the band, playing on both the first studio album and first tour.” – Wikipedia

Disclaimer: I have decided to limit myself to only ten tunes, so of course some of my other favourites have been omitted.

I Got The Blues – Vagabond Jazz & Blues Show – Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Tribute to the blues world of The Rolling Stones, including many of their roots and influences.

This is part of my “Old, New, Borrowed & Blues” series which features a bunch of old tunes, a few brand new songs, a handful of cover versions and all blues.

Vagabond Jazz & Blues Show – Wednesday, 28 December 2016, 6pm to 8pm (Central African Time) Presented by Brian Currin from Mabu Vinyl, Cape Town

Old, New, Borrowed & Blues: 45 Years Of Glam Rock

This is part of my “Old, New, Borrowed & Blues” series which features old classic tunes, new or more recent songs, a few cover versions and a blues-ey track or two.

This is a chronological mix of glam rock-style songs, starting with Bang A Gong (Get It On) by T Rex in 1971 and ending in 2016 with Mercury Rise by Electric Eye which has a similar feel to that T. Rex classic.

Other artists include David Bowie, Wizzard, The Donnas, Primal Scream, Wonderboom, Muse & Kongos