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You need a website

People need to Find You and Talk To You.

Finding you is called Marketing and talking to you is called Sales.

I have now just saved you 3 years of study at University.

Yes, it is that simple.

For this you need not just a website, but a web presence … but a website is a very good place to start.

I love building websites and have been doing it since 1997.

Let me help you with yours.

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Lank, Lank Gelede by Al’astair

“ ‘Blou Trane’ hits Afrikaans music charts with ‘Lank lank gelede…’, and follows through with a rather unique music video….”

With his “blues & soul” original album Blou Trane  (or as he likes to calls it “my rock ’n tjank-album”) Al’astair has repeatedly been topping the charts of various Afrikaans radio stations over the past year. Al’astair, who is from the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, has now followed up with a rather unique music video produced around his song “Lank lank gelede”. The visual masterpiece was directed by producer Anja du Plooy of Blixem Productions, and also includes special graphics by the iconic cartoonist Fred Mouton. Filming was done at The Origins Centre, a world class venue showcasing humanity’s origins

The song Lank lank gelede on the album Blou Trane has already achieved acclamation on various radio stations and the internet. It has achieved Nr 1 on the Top-30 on the Rhythm Records site out of more than 86 000 tracks, and has over the past two year been played almost daily on Radio RSG. It has also been played regularly on Radio Helderberg, Bok Radio, Bay FM and numerous other radio stations. Al’ astair’s reassuring As jy staan op die maan recently also achieved Nr 1 on Bay FM, Nr 1 on Rhythm Records, and the Top Ten on Radio Helderberg. A love song called Babe uit die Karoo is played frequently on various radio stations, also knocking at the doors of the music charts.Bakke vol Liefde with its strong C ape Town flavor is in the wake, and a cover version has been recorded by the Afrikaans celebrity singer Sarah Thereon. Sarah Theron has also done a cover of Neuk.

Al’astair caught the attention of world media during 1995 when he tackled Iscor and Saldanha Steel, as well as Central and Provincial Government, in a bid to limit the threatened negative environmental impacts to the ecology of the Langebaan Lagoon.

In the aftermath of the “Battle of Saldanha” he wrote a sensitive environmental song called Lied van Saldanha. The “greenies” suggested that he records the song and that it be used as a campaign song. This he did, and on the flip side he told the story of the environmental threats . In December 1995 he and his small children personally distributed these cassettes in the Langebaan area so as to maintain an awareness around the environmental threats.

During the recordings of Lied van Saldanha he was encouraged by the owner of the sound studio to write more songs. His album “My hond Fanie” was most positively received by Afrikaans music critics. Lied van Saldanha as well as two other environmental songs found their way onto this album, namely “Neuk” and the sensitive “Droomtowenaar”. A funny rock song, “Hell’s Angel”, resulted in him being listed as a South African Rock Legend in the SA Rock Digest.

More than a decade after his first album Vonk Music has now released his second album called “Blou Trane”. The album provides fourteen original and truly musical tracks. It was recorded with outstanding live musicians, and genuinely “warm” instruments, and does not at all include computerized or monotonous music. Backed by Al’astair’s soulful voice, it is a truly South African project to be proud of. The project leader for both albums was Andrew Roos, renowned for the outstanding musical quality of his productions.

Al’astair’s website is at

His two books “The Giant Puzzle” and “Nerves of Steel…perhaps in a millions years’ time” can also be read on the website. A number of poems, the lyrics of all his songs and “his story” are in addition available on the interesting site. The Blou Trane album can be obtained or ordered at Look & Listen music shops. It can also be ordered directly via the website The video is on You Tube at

See more Videos at Al’astair: Afrikaanse Rock ‘N Tjank on YouTube

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Riders On The Storm. Six Guitarists from South Africa performing a Doors classic.

Riders From The Storm show by Storm Producionz at the Willow bridge Barnyard Theatre. Guitarists; Mel Botes, Piet Botha, Valiant Swart, Albert Frost, Nathan Smith, Arthur Dennis. On Keyboard; Simon Orange. Schalk vd Merwe on Bass. Tim Rankin on drums. Rudolph Dennis on accoustic guitar.

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Searching For Sugar Man South African TV Advert | YouTube

Searching For Sugar Man (South Africa)
Searching For Sugar Man (South Africa)

The TV advert  says that the “Searching For Sugar Man” soundtrack “includes 3 previously unreleased songs” but this is not true.

“Street Boy”, “Can’t Get Away” and “I’ll Slip Away”, recorded in 1972/73, were first released on the Australian “At His Best” album. They are also included as bonus tracks on the 2009 US release of “Coming From Reality” (which is known as “After The Fact” to South Africans).

The “Searching For Sugar Man” soundtrack album also leaves off “Rich Folks Hoax” which contains the classic opening line “the moon is hanging in the purple sky”. Sugar Man – The Best Of Rodriguez is a better collection for rounding up his best and most popular songs.

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Rockville 2069

Had a great evening on Saturday night at the launch of Rockville 2069.

Rockville 2069 is a futuristic rock musical that is at heart a love story set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world and steeped in the philosophies that characterise the rebellion of the sixties, the seventies and those that are currently shaping our world.

Rockville 2069
Rockville 2069