You need a website

People need to Find You and Talk To You.

Finding you is called Marketing and talking to you is called Sales.

I have now just saved you 3 years of study at University.

Yes, it is that simple.

For this you need not just a website, but a web presence … but a website is a very good place to start.

I love building websites and have been doing it since 1997.

Let me help you with yours.

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Running a successful business without being controlled by phones … The Production Person does it and so does Brian Currin Music / Brian, My Web Guy.

The Production Person

Over the past few years I have come to view my cell phone as a burden. It rings and beeps constantly, so I decided that when I was with clients to switch it of and when I needed to put my head down and focus to switch it off. It has now developed into a device that I use when and if it is convenient for me. It no longer irritates me, it no longer interrupts me, it no longer creates anxiety – IT IS NO LONGER A BURDEN.

I am always contactable all the time via email and can access my account from any computer worldwide which I now do. When I’m at suppliers I quickly check mail and access priorities. And just to be clear it has not effected my earnings in any way – on the contrary my earnings have quadrupled over the past year.

I can…

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Music Exchange 2013 Dates Announced

Music Exchange 2013 – getting down to the business of making music

Music Exchange Martin Myers and Charles Goldstuck
Music Exchange Martin Myers and Charles Goldstuck

Music Exchange, the two day independent conference that gets everyone in the music industry talking, is set to take place from 21-22 March 2013.

Started in 2009, the Music Exchange conference is the brainchild of industry professionals Martin Myers, a long standing music publicist through Sony Music and co-owner of Triple M Entertainment, Peter Lacey, Managing Director of Musketeer Records and SAMA Lifetime Achievement Award winner Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse.

As a much-anticipated highlight on the Cape Town music calendar, Music Exchange brings the industry together to discuss, debate, collaborate and get down to the business of making music. Every year it offers artists, industry professionals and like-minded individuals the chance to network, exchange ideas and catch up on the latest industry trends.

Over the years Music Exchange has been able to boast a number of success stories. Collaboration between Evolver One with a Manager at the 2010 Music Exchange conference was key to the group successfully recording their third album which yielded four radio hits. For 7th Son the introduction to Stuart Rubin, former BMG Marketing Director, at the 2009 conference led them to re-record the Australian hit “The Boys Light Up”, which
went on to became their first hit.

The Music Exchange 2013 conference will present a full program of panel discussions and keynote addresses from various industry perspectives. Included in the lineup, amongst other topics, will be the profitable use of the growing number of mediums available to artists and the art of “getting your music out there”. Seasoned South African artists, producers and songwriters will head up a panel discussing “the song that made them famous”, while SA artists and composers who live abroad will talk about their careers on the international stage.

“I believe that this conference has contributed in significant ways to all of us – speakers and delegates alike – who had the privilege of attending. It left me with one of those strange feelings that I wished the entire industry was there.”

I look forward to next year’s conference with great anticipation,” said Nick Motsatse the CEO of SAMRO following last year’s conference. Since SAMRO attended the 2011 Music Exchange Conference, they have come on board to support the upcoming conference in 2013, and we would like to acknowledge them for it.

Yoel Kenan, the CEO of Africori described it as the best music conference, by far, that he has attended in Africa.

If you are serious about music, be sure to diarise the dates for the Music Exchange 2013, you can’t afford to miss it.

Music Exchange
Music Exchange

For media related queries, interviews, photos and media accreditation to attend the conference, please contact Martin Myers – Tel: 083 448 4475 or e-mail:

For more information on Music Exchange 2013, and booking details please contact

The Virtual Braai

Twitter is like those newspaper headlines that you see on lampposts. Just a quick bit of news to encourage you to investigate more. Minute-by-minute information of what is happening right now.

Facebook is like a newspaper that you buy and scan through, picking out the interesting bits and throwing the rest away. Day-by-day information of what is happening in your world.

A Blog is like a magazine, that you read more thoroughly, and perhaps even keep for future reference.

A Website is like a coffee table book with lots of detailed information on a subject you are really interested in.

And all of this is so we can stand around our Virtual Braai and discuss topics that are close to our hearts.

Social Media: Don’t Put an Intern in Charge |

Social Media

Social media is not the be-all and end-all. It’s a marketing tool–part of an ever-growing arsenal of ways to bring your company to your prospective customers’ attention.

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Brian, My Web Guy

Brian Currin is known to many of his friends and clients as “My Web Guy” and to a number of people all over the world as “a guy who knows a bit about music“.

These people say ... Brian is My Web Guy
These people say … Brian is My Web Guy

A few of his recent and current projects include: