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Feedback from Wiltel Marine

We have used Brian’s service on a number of our websites over the past few years. He has always provided a high level of service and has been available 24/7 if need be. He has a very good knowledge on integrating the various social networking and internet marketing opportunities available today. Great to see someone who is passionate about work. It makes working with him a real pleasure.

Willie Truter
Wiltel Marine

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Feedback from Africa’s Child

Brian Currin has been in control of my Online Marketing since 2008. He is pro-active and he continually searches for better options and ways to raise the profile of my business. He is quick and efficient when he is busy with a project. He makes himself available to his clients at hours that suite his client and not at fixed office hours. I highly recommend Brian Currin as an Online Marketer.

Quinton Conroy, Africa’s Child Safaris

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Reach Out and Ping Someone

Reach Out and Ping Someone

Niall Kennedy | February 11, 2010 at 12:12 am | Tags: search, sitemap | Categories: search | URL:

Photo by blogger Kenneth Rodriguez

Publishing your blog on lets you focus on your content while we sweat the technical stuff, including helping your content reach a larger audience.

We just turned on sitemap pings for all blogs. Now, immediately after you publish or delete a page or post, your blog sends a ping to Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask*. These immediate notifications help the major search engines receive your new content as quickly as possible (often within seconds), so your blog can show up in search results faster.

Tools to make your content findable
Sitemap pings are just one of the ways helps your content reach a large audience moments after you hit "Publish." Every blog includes support for webmaster validation through Google, Bing and Yahoo! webmaster portals. Post updates are sent through Ping-o-Matic!, a ping relay tool owned by the WordPress Foundation, to major feed reader and blog search engines. Our Publicize feature updates your Yahoo! and Twitter accounts with a short summary and a link back to your blog content. These are just some of the ways helps you find your audience.

More information

* Note: We only expose content to search engines for public blogs on

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Reasons to Blog

From Jeff Bullas

So people write blogs for all sorts of reasons and motives such as:

  • Business motives
  • Write about their area of passion and interest
  • To share
  • To make money
  • To put forward new ideas
  • Self documentation
  • Improving writing
  • Self expression
  • Medium appeal – they just like blogging
  • Passing time
  • Socialization
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A very happy Rodriguez Fan

From Forum, reprinted with permission from author

Greetings all. I cannot even begin to describe the feeling of exhilaration and joy I’m feeling, as I have just purchased tickets to see the living legend, Rodriguez, perform at the Tivoli in Brisbane, on 31st March 2010.

Thanks to subscribing to the Sugarman Newsletter, I received an email with the exciting news that he is touring Australia.

I have been a massive fan of Rodriguez since I was a boy in the late 70’s and have waited more than 30 years for a chance to see him live. I missed the Byron Blues Festival concert in 2007 and was so disappointed, but now have tickets in my hand to see this amazing singer/songwriter. What a great birthday present from my wife!

The warmth and sincerity that oozes from Rodriguez is simply amazing – his lyrics are inspirational and his melodies delightful.

I am one very, very happy Aussie tonight : – )


Michael S

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Why doesn’t my website show up in Google or other search engines?

This is probably the question I get asked most from people who have put up websites and then sat back waiting for the world to find them.

Why doesn’t my website show up in Google or other search engines?

As much as we might like to think otherwise, the world is not looking for you specifically. If they were, they could just type your web address i.e. directly into the address bar of their favourite browser and up would pop your website.

What people on the internet are looking for is solutions to their problems, and if your website offers the right solution, then it needs to appear on the first page of search results.

For example, I would like to have music people (musicians, studios, labels, shops) who live in Cape Town, and who are looking for help with online marketing, find me.

Search “online music marketing cape town” on Google and see the results.

And then search on Bing, another popular search engine.

Or Yahoo.

And try searching for “marketing south african music on the web

So who are you talking to about your online marketing?

Contact me

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