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TIME FOR SOME ROCK FROM SOUTH AFRICA feat Freedoms Children, Otis Waygood, McCully Workshop, Hawk


This mix features some of my favourite South African rock tunes from between 1966 and 1979.

A few cover versions and lots of original tunes.

TIME FOR SOME ROCK FROM SOUTH AFRICA feat Freedoms Children, Otis Waygood, McCully Workshop, Hawk

Track List

1. In The Midnight Hour – The A-Cads
2. Woman Yeah – The Gonks
3. Purple Haze – The Flames
4. Fire – The Third Eye
5. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – Una Valli & The Flames
6. Race With The Devil – The Bats
7. Evil Ways – The Attraction
8. The End – Dickie Loader & Freedoms Children
9. The Boy & The Bee – Omega Limited
10. You’re Late Miss Kate – Otis Waygood Blues Band
11. The Whip – Suck
12. That Did It – Freedoms Children
13. Astral III – The Invaders
14. Tokoloshe Man – John Kongos
15. Town Girl – Tidal Wave feat Peter Vee
16. Candlelight – Richard Jon Smith
17. Mumbo Jumbo – Hawk
18. Hard Ride – Rabbitt
19. Rock ‘n Roll Party – Ballyhoo
20. Conquistador – Circus
21. Johannesburg – Margaret Singana
22. Buccaneer – McCully Workshop
23. Record Companies – Wild Youth
24. Lonely Spaceman – Finch & Henson
25. Orang Otang – Harambee
26. Vudu – Harari
27. ZX Dan – Radio Rats
28. Silent Water – Ramsay MacKay
29. Blommetjie Gedenk Aan My – Anton Goosen
30. Jo Bangles – Baxtop
31. Makin’ Out With Granny – Falling Mirror
32. Suburbia – The Safari Suits
33. Better The Devil You Know – Stingray


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