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What Am I Listening To? Radio Youth!

Radio Youth
Radio Youth

A mix of South African Punk, Ska & New Wave tunes from 1978 to 1982.

RADIO YOUTH feat Radio Rats, Wild Youth, Asylum Kids, Flash Harry, National Wake, Peach, The News


1. Radio Youth – Wild Youth
2. Rock ‘n Roll – Illegal Gathering
3. Bokkie Bokkie – David Kramer
4. Schoolboy – Asylum Kids
5. South African In Paris – The Safari Suits
6. International News – National Wake
7. Nightmare – Peach
8. No Football – Flash Harry
9. Wot ‘Bout Me – Wild Youth
10. Law And Order – Radio Rats
11. Goddess – Corporal Punishment
12. Tudor Convertible – The News
13. School Kids – The Gents
14. Reaction Man – Gay Marines
15. Fight It With Your Mind – Asylum Kids
16. Rock ‘n Rolls Royce – Corporal Punishment
17. Button Your Lip – Illegal Gathering
18. Stuff Your Strut – The News
19. Pieces – The Safari Suits
20. A Lot Of Things – Peach
21. National Hero – Illegal Gathering
22. Station Road Rhythm – The News
23. Machines – Dog Detachment
24. No, No, No, No – Asylum Kids
25. Crazy Caroline – Radio Rats
26. Shock Time For Rock – The Popguns
27. Shame On You – Flash Harry
28. All Messed Up – Wild Youth
29. Why? – Dog
30. So Cold – Hotline
31. Iron Vest – Gay Marines

More about most of these bands can be found on The South African Rock Encyclopedia

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Brian Currin, February 2007


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