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Ard Matthews releases first solo single “Bolder.”

Ard Matthews

Ard Matthews

Ard Matthews releases first solo single “Bolder.”

Listen here:

Ard Matthews will be releasing a solo album “First Offerings” in the winter of 2012. The first single off the album “Bolder” has just been submitted to national radio. ‘Bolder’ was written and recorded entirely in Ard`s home studio at the end of 2011. In January Ard asked Mr Tumi Molekane to collaborate on the track. Ard comments: “What he did was so fresh and appropriate that I was immediately happy to include him as a co-writer. The song is a celebration of life and encourages people to ‘want for more’ as we go forth boldly with our lives.” The single was mixed in Los Angeles by Bryan Cook (Radiohead, Train, Queens of the Stone Age)

The video of the track can be viewed here:

The video was shot entirely on an iPhone 4S while Ard was in India. “Just me on a scooter, ear piece in my right ear playing the track and a little luck, egcheck out the mad lens flare at end of song as I rev off in to the night for dramatic effect. Could not have planned it better with a crew of 50people.”

First Offerings” will introduce 12 new songs. Having been the primary writer for Just Jinjer all these years, Ard felt it was time to announce himself as an individual artist as well. This is an album written from the heart that will appeal to those who can still feel theirs beating through all the noise of today’s world. As usual Ard is not afraid to romanticize his feelings about love, life and most of all…peace.

For updates leading up to the release of the album stay in touch via social media:

Twitter: @ardmatthews



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