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Latest Free Music from and Channel 24 (part of Sugar Music) has been the official supplier of free mp3s to Channel 24 since 2004.

 World Music

John Edmond

Did You Ever See A Kudu Cry

From the album Wild and Beautiful and Free, an album about the conservation of our wild creatures, from the rhinoceros to the blue whale, together with environments such as our natural forests.


Jim Neversink

All Apaches To The Snow

Some typically A-grade indie folk-rock from the Johannesburg musician’s recent album, Skinny Girls Are Trouble.


The Sick-Leaves

All These Foolish Things (I’ve Said)

A track from this highly-rated SA rock band off their debut album Tunnel Vision which was nominated for a Best Alternative Album: English SAMA.

 R&B/Soul/Hip Hop

Shane Q The Genesis


First single off his debut album, Life &Death from this hip hop artist whose inspiration is American rapper 2Pac.


Linda Kilian


The video for this new talented vocalist’s big hit off her debut album, Undiscovered was filmed at Silverstar Casino.


The Brothers Streep

Anna Paquin

The Brothers Streep are an acoustic comedy band from Cape Town who gained international exposure when they were Skyped on BBC 1’s The Graham Norton Show to perform this track off their album, Suitable For The Whole Family.


Rus Nerwich

Knowers Ark

A track off the debut album As Above So Below from this innovative and acclaimed Cape Town jazz saxophonist.


Catlike Thieves

Maybe Baby

First single off this new band’s long awaited debut album Nine Lives – these 12 foot-stomping, skirt-lifting, sister-kissing rock ‘n roll / rockabilly songs will have you up on your feet and dancing in no time.



Out of Rock

Putting the roll back into rock, Blackstoneradio combines back-leaning riffs with addictive vocal melodies by fusing 90s hard-rock with old school, classic rock.


Colour Blind


The Bloemfontein band who were the unanimous winners of a recent Rockspaaider competition with a new track off their debut album My Identiteit.


Spoek Mathambo

Control (Richard the Third Remix)

Produced with a harder, side-chain synth approach, its designed for the peak-hour dancefloor.



Sideways Lover

Putting the roll back into rock, Blackstoneradio combines back-leaning riffs with addictive vocal melodies by fusing 90s hard-rock with old school, classic rock.


Playlist Creator | Web Marketer The son of a church organist father and pianist mother, South African born Brian Currin grew up surrounded by music. In his pre-teen years he realised that he had no real talent for playing music and he couldn't sing, so he immersed himself in the world of music by listening, exploring and researching. Which he still does today. He spent many years in corporate sales and marketing until his involvement in the re-discovery of Rodriguez, opened up a whole new world for him. He is very involved in promoting South African music, and is the co-owner of a number of music-related websites including which he founded in 1999.

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  1. Richard Jon Smith brought out a christmas single in the late 70 early 80, but i can’t remember whT it was called or even how it went but would love to find out what it is. Was my parents favourite which i bought for them when i was a child. I have searched the web but have not been able to find anything. If anyone can help that would be great

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