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The Summer Underground at the Mercury, 2011-06-03


5 thoughts on “The Summer Underground at the Mercury, 2011-06-03

  1. Great action pic. You have a great talent, keep nurturing it! Seems like The Summer Underground are a popular feature for the camera! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


  2. This picture sums up The Summer Underground’s resident bass monster, Mr Brett, up perfectly….. THE REAL DEAL!!! Yet another classic photo Michael, cheers mate.



  3. Another classic pic Michael. You really have a talent for getting into the space and making a great shot. Keep it up 🙂 You’ve got some fantastic shots of The Summer Underground here!


  4. that is a fantastic photo,taken on a gr8t night out.The Hog’s +the Rudimental’s and The SUMMER UNDERGROUND at Mercury live. We Had an amazing evening.thank u Michael Currin 4 the snaps realy captured the intencity of the band, 4 more info on The Summer Underground or 2 hear our New single check out our web page or Like us on face book 2 download the track FREE.


  5. Shot Michael. Your pics are utterly rad… Thanks for featuring us yet again. Gonna look you up on FB… I have some future photography projects I’d like to consider you for. Maybe we can chat?
    Thanks, dude.



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