Question About an SA all-girl group

mishim wrote:

Hi there! Hope you can help me with this one:

A few years back (maybe 5-8 years ago) there was a young, 4-member SA all-girl group who had a hit song. I can’t remember the lyrics except for a part that sort of went something like "….Heyo. Heyo Mama Heyo. Heyo Mama Heyo….". I believe they recorded both an English and Afrikaans version of the song and the song video may have been set on a beach. This group may or may not have been a one-hit wonder – I won’t know cuz I never followed their music after that song. I guess I’m giving you very little info to go on but if you miraculously know the song and the group please lemme know!


2 thoughts on “Question About an SA all-girl group

  1. Joachim Mairböck Monday, 11th July 2011 / 4:14 pm

    X4 was a South African version of the Flemish band K3, but they just released that one album with 12 songs on it in Afrikaans and English. According to the Dutch Wikipedia ( the band was dissolved in 2005.

    I am currently looking for the English version of the album, but couldn’t find it anywhere on the Internet. The Afrikaans version can be found on YouTube, but nothing concerning the english album.

  2. mishim Sunday, 3rd April 2011 / 9:02 pm

    Thanks anyway! I got it. The song is “Heyah Mama” and the group was X4. It was released in 2004!

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