Looking for a song/artists name

Kevin van Rensburg wrote:


I am looking for the artist of a song called “Over the Moon”. I think it was Cathy and the … Not the Showaddywaddy version. Hope you can help me. If this is of any help – a part of the lyrics are “I’ll take you over the moon, through a lagoon”.

Thank you for your time and trouble, I appreciate it.

Best wishes,

Brian replied:

Are you maybe thinking of ‘Over The Moon’ by Cathy Lee and the Coins from 1978?

BTW The Showaddywaddy song was called ‘Under The Moon Of Love’ (big hit in 1976) and was a cover of a Curtis Lee song from 1960.


One thought on “Looking for a song/artists name

  1. BRIAN ETTER Monday, 7th March 2011 / 10:45 am

    On the button Brian, the album was called Lovely Daughter, here are the tracks
    1. Cincinnati Train
    2. Take Off
    3. Lovely Daughter
    4. Lay By My Side
    5. Good Bye Good Bye
    6. Love Is All We Need
    7. Over The Moon
    8. Times
    9. You Are The Song
    10. Wake Me Up
    11. Ich Bin Wieder Hier
    Kindest regards

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