The South African Charts – 40 years ago


  1. Look out here comes tomorrow – The Dealians (SA)
  2. I hear you knocking – Dave Edmunds
  3. Looky looky – Giorgio
  4. I think I love you – Partridge Family
  5. Gypsy woman – Brian Hyland
  6. Cracklin’ rosie – Neil Diamond
  7. Zanzibar – Wanda Arletti (SA)
  8. Knock three times – Dawn
  9. San Bernadino – Christie
  10. No matter what – Badfinger
  11. Yo yo – Chris Andrews
  12. Mango mango – Tidal Wave (SA)
  13. Sing out glory – Bernie Brown (SA)
  14. See me feel me – The Who
  15. Cry bluebird cry – The Rising Sons (SA)
  16. Indiana wants me – R Dean Taylor
  17. Woodstock – Matthew Southern Comfort
  18. You can get it if you really want – Desmond Dekker
  19. The witch queen of New Orleans – Redbone
  20. There’s a light, there’s a way – The Invaders (SA)

LM RADIO HIT PARADE – Sunday 31 Jan 1971

  1. Children – Sean Rennie (SA)
  2. I hear you knockin’ – Dave Edmunds
  3. Jenny – Udo Jurgens
  4. Only love can break your heart – Neil Young
  5. My sweet lord – George Harrison
  6. Give me more – Mick Jade (SA)
  7. River deep mountain high – Supremes and the Four Tops
  8. Baby I wont let you down – Pickettywitch
  9. Do it – Neil Diamond
  10. Pay to the piper – Chairmen of the Board
  11. Gypsey woman – Brian Hyland
  12. No matter what – Badfinger
  13. Love the one you’re with – Stephen Stills
  14. Lady Barbara – Peter Noone with Herman’s Hermits
  15. Lonely days – Bee Gees
  16. For the good times – Ray Price
  17. Mango mango – Tidal Wave (SA)
  18. Heaven help us all – Stevie Wonder
  19. Sandy – Buzzard (SA)
  20. One man band – Three Dog Night

Neil Diamond b. 24 Jan 1941, will tour SA for the first time in April 2011

Thanks to Tertius Louw for this information


One thought on “The South African Charts – 40 years ago

  1. Graham Wednesday, 1st February 2012 / 2:32 am

    Hi Brian

    My name is Graham Oosthuizen. I was born in Cape Town, and live in Melbourne, Australia. I manage Bernie “Baroco” Brown, who also lives in Australia. We are looking at bringing Bernie to South Africa for some shows, and would like to know if you have any newspaper articles pertaing to the time Bernie lived in South Africa, and more importantly, any article referring to the time he was stripped of his award for best single of the year (In a matter of a moment), because of his heritage.

    I look forward to hearing from you. You can email me at:

    Thanks for your time.


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