Silverbird by the Wright Brothers

Name: Pete the Lone Groover

Hiya Brian,
I have been looking desperately for a track by Rob Graham (Crocodile Harris) when he was part of the The Wright Brothers. It is called Silverbird. It made the charts in 1977, and is essential that I get it to recapture my lost youth, as it reminds me of Sollys Saloon where they used to play.

Tell Croc to find an old 8 track and give it to Retro to release it, I will get the whole of Wits 70’s brigade to buy it


One thought on “Silverbird by the Wright Brothers

  1. Brian Currin Wednesday, 17th November 2010 / 7:09 am

    Silverbird by The Wright Brothers (Crocodile HARRIS and Richard WILSON) was a number 15 hit on the Springbok Radio Charts in 1977.

    It has never been released on CD.

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