The secret of getting permission to share your ideas.

Think of marketing on the internet like attending a conference.

Firstly you could choose not to attend and hope that people will track you down by traditional methods.

Or you could stand in the corner with your business cards and really flashy (and expensive) brochures and wait for people to come up to you and speak to you.

That’s like having a website.

No matter how beautiful it is, you are still waiting, wishing and hoping that people will find you. Of course your graphic designers and web developers are happy because they’ve been paid to create this masterpiece.

Or you can move around the conference and talk to people and hand out your brochures.

Now you are starting to actually keep your website up-to-date and search engine optimized.

Or you can stand up on the stage and talk with passion about your business to a captive audience, people who want to be there and hear your opinions.

You now have permission to share your ideas. And you can engage with people.

But how do you get invited onto that stage? And how do you get invited back?

That’s social media marketing, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

It requires passion and perseverance.

But it is so worth it.


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