Why Conan O’Brien Is A Social Media Futurist (via Jeffbullas’s Blog)

Time spent on social media sites has grown over 250% in 2 years. Nielsen stats show that social media usage has increased by 82% in the last year, an astronomical rise.Facebook , Twitter, YouTube, blogs, and social interaction are becoming the focus of our online interactions, even more than search.

Why Conan O'Brien Is A Social Media Futurist The future is something that frightens some people and excites others. Some people wake up every morning with dread and others leap out of bed excited to face the day and all it holds. Some industries are growing and others are are in decline. The only thing we are sure of is change itself. Different groups embrace the challenge, others run or hide. The media industry is in upheaval as media rich blogs like Huffington Post receive 35  million vis … Read More

via Jeffbullas’s Blog


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