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PRESS RELEASE: Musicians tune in to new publicity consultancy


Cape Town, 16 June 2010: Cape Town’s latest public relations consultancy Tuned In Publicity has opened its doors to the music and entertainment industry. Built on a passion for music and a respect for the importance of building and maintaining relationships, Tuned In Publicity is the brainchild of industry publicists Martin Myers, Charise Matthews and Tim Hill. The consultancy will offer publicity services around album launches, concerts, tours and will also specialise in submitting singles to regional and national radio stations.

“One of the insights we took out of the recent Music Exchange conference was the need for good, strong yet affordable marketing and publicity services for the music industry,” said Myers, who has worked as an entertainment publicist for the last 20 years, bringing an unsurpassed level of knowledge and contacts to the table. Myers has worked very closely with South African music legend Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse for two decades and Tuned In Publicity will be working with him in activities surrounding the celebration of his 50th year in music in 2011.

“Martin, Charise and I have been in the communications game for a long time and are both passionate about South African music. We saw this as an opportunity to set up a business that will assist in raising awareness for performing artists in this country so that their talent will be noticed nationally and in time internationally,” continued Hill, who has worked at a Cape Town based public relations consultancy on brands including Protea Hotels and Virgin Active.

Prior to joining the company, Charise Matthews spent 15 years at Gallo Records and dealt with a host of local and international artists including Danny K, Lucky Dube and Michael Buble.

Myers and Hill were instrumental in setting up Music Exchange, South Africa’s independent music summit which was held in Cape Town in March this year. For more information visit or follow on Facebook and Twitter @tunedinpr.


Martin Myers

+27 83 448 4475

Charise Matthews

+27 82 990 0259

Tim Hill

+27 82 888 5945

About Tuned In Publicity

Tuned In Publicity is a results-driven marketing communications consultancy specialising in providing the entertainment industry with excellent, solid and professional publicity services.

Being in tune with your audience and tuned in to what’s going on around you is the ultimate ingredient to success… Tuned In Publicity is here to guide you in building and maintaining positive reputation capital in this increasingly competitive market. How? Through strategic publicity campaigns around album launches, promotional tours and shows amongst other things. Tuned In also understands the importance of building your personal brand and will assist in setting up the foundations in defining who you are and what you stand for.

Tuned In Publicity is the brainchild of media and publicity gurus Martin Myers, Charise Matthews and Tim Hill and the foundations firmly entrenched on a passion for music and entertainment combined with an understanding of the importance and benefits of building and maintaining strong relationships.

The Team

Martin Myers is a music consultant and publicist based in Cape Town, South Africa. Martin started Triple M Music in 1985 which specialised in supplying the audio and music requirements for fashion shows and corporate launches. Martin is also the co-founder of SMD Lighting which supplies lighting for corporate/ fashion and rave/ dance parties in the Western Cape. Martin has worked with Sony Music and is currently a publicist in the Western Cape for Musketeer Records and national and international publicist for Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse. In 2009 he co-organised Music Exchange with Peter Lacey and Tim Hill.

Charise Matthews has been in the music and entertainment industry for 25 years having recently handled the publicity and promotional campaigns for albums and concerts for Gallo Records on behalf of the Warner and Atlantic Record labels. Charise has worked with international artists such as Josh Groban, REM, James Blunt and Tracy Chapman to name a few. Just a small sample of the local artists she has become acquainted with in a professional and personal capacity include Danny K and Josie Field. She played an instrumental role in launching the Nu Metro 11-Cinema Complex at the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town.

After completing his Bachelor of Commerce degree Tim Hill headed to the UK where he worked for two PR consultancies. A change in career saw him venture into the hospitality sector where he successfully managed a number of traditional pubs. Tim has worked for Apple IMC Southern Africa where he was involved in the marketing and events. Most recently, Tim worked for a Cape Town based PR consultancy handling communications for the likes of Protea Hotels and Virgin. Tim was instrumental in a successful publicity drive for Music Exchange two years in a row.

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Tim Hill | Tuned In Publicity
tim | +27 82 888 5945


Playlist Creator & Web Marketer. The son of a church organist father and pianist mother, South African born Brian Currin grew up surrounded by music. In his pre-teen years he realised that he had no real talent for playing music and he couldn't sing, so he immersed himself in the world of music by listening, exploring and researching. Which he still does today. He served in the military for five years, then spent many years in corporate sales and marketing until his involvement in the re-discovery of Rodriguez, opened up a whole new world for him. He was the Content Editor for Rhythm Online, South Africa's first online music store, from 2006 to 2012. He ran Mabu Vinyl, the iconic music store seen in the Oscar-winning "Searching For Sugar Man" film from 2013 to 2019. His voice could be heard on the streaming radio station All Jazz Radio where he hosted the Vagabond Show from 2012 to 2019. He is very involved in promoting South African music, and is the co-owner of a number of music-related websites including which he founded in 1999.

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