Locnville sign a Sony Music International deal.

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Locnville, the South African identical twin duo behind the hit song “Sun In My pocket’ penned a worldwide deal with Sony Music International yesterday.

Andrew and Brian Chaplin said it was a dream come true for them and they were honoured to be on the same label as some of their favourite artists.

The first international single to go to radio is the title track, Sun in My Pocket. Locnville’s debut single and album, both entitled ‘Sun In My Pocket’, will be released around the world on Sony’s Jive Records imprint over the coming months, except in the UK, where it will be released on Sony’s Epic Records, except in the United Kingdom where it will be released on Sony’s Epic Records imprint.

Jive Records is home to some of the world’s biggest recording artists, including Usher, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and R Kelly.

Kevin Lawrie, president of Sony Music International, Europe and Africa, had the following to say: “The Locnville guys wrote and recorded the album on their own and approached it from an independent standpoint. Sony’s role is to now broadcast this great story to the rest of the world.”

In an interview I did with the duo at the beginning of the year, they expressed that their only “only specific goal [in the music industry] is to see how far we can take Locnville. I want to expand our boundaries by collaborating with people you wouldn’t expect us to; I want to do it all.” They also said they “do plan to go international but they wanted to have “a foundation” in their home country before taking it overseas.”

Locnville are set to conquer the global scene, watch out for them!


yours in musical madness

locnville sun in my pocket

locnville sun in my pocket
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