Woodstock Jam


I want to report on the jam session I started February,
still going at the Albert Hall. (208 Albert rd Woodstock,
off circle, near Old Biscuit Mill). Every Tuesday from 8 PM.
Piano, drumkit, PA, monitor, Mics, stands….available

It is quite small..(we have had 20 a few times, but usually half that).
There is a fine crop of talented and interesting individuals who
regularly come in and bring special times and music.
The variety of music has been amazing. That is one of the
unique things about this jam….it is not limited to any particular style of music.
Something special is brewing, and we are so lucky to
have a very arts-supportive type of owner who is persisting with
this beautiful dream. The venue is perfect, atmospheric. It is also important
to note that the venue employs a full time car guard and that if the
back-of-venue parking is full that then in front on the street is fine.

There is no charge and nobody is doing this for money, (except the venue
which needs to pay for itself by selling you the customer lots of drinks !).
We are only doing it from the deep rooted desire that musicians can connect,
with all the excitement which that brings.

I know everyone leads different lives and that for some people it is simply
tricky to come visit the jam. But we so much need just to get those few extra people
in, musicians or non musicians to make this a veritable party, and give these
talents the support they so absolutely deserve.
……So if it is ever convenient….and you think you might fancy some
serious sustenance of spirit, don’t hesitate to come by…..

Please forward this to everyone you know in the Cape Town area who likes music !



One thought on “Woodstock Jam

  1. Ewald Tuesday, 4th January 2011 / 1:15 pm


    Are these jams still happening? I’m interested to come and see (and maybe jam some blues with someone). I live in Obz.

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