New Afrikaans song from Brian Finch

Brian has currently finished his first ‘Afrikaans song’ and it is a winner. The title is ‘Outa-lappies’ and has a wonderful article and the words of the song written into the local Newspaper, for all of Prince Albert to learn and sing at the Prince Albert Town and Olive Festival, on the 1/2/3rd May. Brian is busy in the studio in Windhoek laying down the tracks for his new CD.

He is also performing 3 shows over the Olive Festival. Friday and Saturday Night from 8.30 till late @ R50 cover charge, at Mike Memorabilia, and a guest spot featuring Dave Ferguson, harmonica legend during the evening. Dave Ferguson will also be playing with Brian as a guest artist at African Relish – Prince Albert – Sundowner time 17.30-21.00 This is a great line up and no doubt will be the place to be.


2 thoughts on “New Afrikaans song from Brian Finch

  1. Ph MICHEL ( FRANCE ) Monday, 20th December 2010 / 6:15 pm

    Hello Brian,
    Last summer I play old time music in Prince Albert with Brian Finch at his house. Can you help me to find his email adress?
    Thank you very much
    Ph Michel from France

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