Deep Fried Wednesdays at the Loft and Thursday at the Bo

From Deep Fried Man

Hello my lovely little mailing list.

This week I will be playing twice. It’s a lot.

An exciting development in Deepfriedland is Deep Fried Wednesdays at The Loft in Melville.

Every Wed night I will be doing my comedy thing at The Loft alongside guests.
This coming Wed night myself and the fabulous Nina Hastie will be performing.

The gig is free!
Where: The Loft, 7th Avenue Melville
When: From 8:30pm

Then, on this Thur night, I am performing at the Bo.

Where: The Bohemian, 5 Park Road, Richmond
When: At 10pm
Cover: R30

For more info, check out:!/event.php?eid=350775494303&ref=mf

Nice one!
Deep Fried Man

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