Time to Boo! again!

Greetings Boo!dists!

Chris Chameleon, Ampie Omo, and Riaan van Rensburg have all just returned from Amsterdam after having spent 19 intense days recording the new Boo! album. They worked with one of the Netherlands’ most esteemed producers, Frans Hagenaars, in his Studio Sound Enterprise, for nearly 12 hours a day, creating magic. The album will consist of 12 new songs with an updated yet quintessentially Boo! monkipunk sound. The album isn’t quite finished yet with a big final mixing job and mastering ahead of it; but it is sure to be one of the most ground-breaking albums ever seen in South Africa.

Of the experience, Chris Chameleon says: i don’t want to make predictions and talk bigger stuff than i have a grasp of, but i think this album is going to move stuff around a little. it’s absolutely incredible. very puristic in an analog sort of way, but tight, different, new, full where it needs to be and totally not afraid of being minimalistic.

Boo!’s first two gigs since 2004 will be at this year’s Ramfest in Worcester on 27 February and at Ramfest in Johannesburg on 6 March, but don’t expect the new material just yet. Boo! plan on making these two gigs trips down memory lane with favorites such as Lucky, OOAA and Champion and a big dose of outrageous stylings they are so famous for. No, the new material and new look will be kept under wraps for a few more months but there are South African and European tours in the pipeline for this year upon the album’s release in South Africa (record company TBD) and the Benelux countries (through Excelsior Recordings).

There will be an official website launch in May, however fans can check out the site now to sign up for updates on the album and tours at http://www.booband.com. Look below for more links to Boo!-related sites.

Life is Boo!tiful – 2010!

Quick links:
homepage: www.booband.com

facebook: www.facebook.com/booband (*new photos)
myspace: www.myspace.com/boolive (songs)

hyves: booband.hyves.nl (*new* photos)
youtube: www.youtube.com/thebooband (*new* pre-production video)


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