10 Free Tracks for Valentine’s day from Rhythm Music Store

Rhythm Music Store Valentine’s gift

10 Free tracks incl. aKING, Fokofpolisiekar, Chris Chameleon and more.

RhythmMusicStore has compiled a selection of 10 romantic songs as a free Valentine’s gift to all you happy couples, closet romantics, long distance lovers and secret admirers out there. And if you`re on your own, hey, these songs are for you too. Why? Because they are great singles! Whether you like romancing to rock, blues or pop, these 10 songs are sure to get you in the mood for a ‘kind-of-cool’ Valentine’s day.

Chris Chameleon – All of Me (Made Available)

aKING – Shine your light (Dutch Courage)

Eden Brent – Ain’t gonna be your lonely fool (Something Cool)

Delta Blue – I’ll always be in love with you (Heaven)

Ashtray Electric – When Sex Becomes a Sport (Bonjour)

Valiant Swart – Duisend Myl Blues (Mystic Myle)

Fokofpolisiekar – Ek dink aan jou as dit reën (Monoloog in Stereo)

Peter Mitchell – Top Secret (Hamlet)

Lara Frances – Kiss Me (High on Life)

Luna Paige– Right kind of love, duet with Gerald Clarke (Wonderful life)

Go to RhythmMusicStore.com/valentine

The page will open at free download option for these 10 tracks.


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