Download Koos Kombuis Tribute Album at Rhythm

The compilation album Kombuis Musiek is available for download from This unique collection, compiled by Fresh Music, features various artists covering the songs of Koos Kombuis, including ‘Verslaaf’ by Not My Dog, ‘Imagine Ek En Jy’ by Paul Riekert (from Battery9) and ‘Lisa se Klavier’ by Q-Zoo (Qkumba Zoo).

Kombuis Musiek by Various Artists (Click here to listen to Kombuis Musiek before downloading)

Popular titles by Koos Kombuis include Vêr Van Die Ou Kalahari and Blameer Dit Op Apartheid. You might also enjoy Vrydagaand – Saterdagaand by Valiant Swart, Heuningland

by Die Radio Kalahari Orkes and Klassic Kramer

by David Kramer.

As part of our 74,000+ track catalogue, you can now download all these MP3 music tracks for only R7 per track by visiting

Thank you for shopping at Rhythm, the 24/7 Music Store!

Yours in music
Christine Pienaar
Music Fan
Rhythm Music Store


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