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Announcement: The Invaders receive 2009 Rapport Vonk Music Award

The Invaders
The Invaders

The Invaders, a band who has not existed for almost 40 years received the 2009 Fritz Klaaste Music Award at the Vonk Music Awards held at Carnival City on 26 October 2009. Sean Burke, son of the late Johnny Burke, the leader of The Invaders collected the award and said: “If my father was alive today, this would be one of his greatest and proudest moments. As a musician in my own right, it really is an honour for me to receive this acknowledgement of the contribution my father made to the lives of many people through the music of The Invaders.”

The essence of The Invaders’ music was perhaps best formulated by Johnny Burke in an interview 40 years ago: “We are really bringing happiness to our friends. We make people forget their cares and worries. To most of our people life is a burden. When they come into the hall they are wrapped up in our music and forget all about debts and where tomorrow’s food is coming from. They can let out all their pent-up feelings and, for an hour or two, just forget about life. It’s a release for them. There can be nothing more thrilling than to have people screaming at your feet. This is a form of appreciation of our music. This, in fact, is our reward and payment” –Sleeve notes from ‘The Heart & Soul Of The Invaders‘ CD, released March 2008]

There has been a revival in the music of The Invaders since the launch of The Heart and Soul of The Invaders, double album in 2008. The music of The Invaders is still heard on the airwaves in South Africa and the musical Wa’ was Djy? will be re-connecting audiences in Cape Town from 1 December 2009.

Sean Burke and Marvin Moses with the AwardSean Burke and Marvin Moses with the Award
Sean Burke saying a few words of acceptance
Sean Burke saying a few words of acceptance

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