SA Nostalgia – Revisited on Rhythm Online

Remember those great pop, rock and country songs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that used to be played on Springbok Radio? A large number of them can be found on The Best of South African Pop CD series at Sugar Music.

And of course there were some great songs that weren’t played on the radio at all.

More recently a few of those nostalgic classics have been covered by today’s artists.  Steve Hofmeyr and Wonderboom, for example, have both released CDs consisting almost exclusively of cover versions of South African hits.

I have compiled a virtual collection of  some of the cover versions of SA Nostalgia hits that are available on the Rhythm Online store.

I know I have missed quite a few, but its mostly due to licencing restrictions, such as Ballyhoo’s ‘Man On The Moon’ by Arno Carstens, which has not been authorized by Sony Music for selling on Rhythm Online.

Coming soon … a virtual collection of original classic SA Nostalgia from the 70’s and 80’s available on Rhythm Online. Anton Goosen, David Kramer, Julian Laxton, Falling Mirror,  McCully Workshop, Jack Hammer, Radio Rats, Roger Lucey, Brian Finch, Crocodile Harris, Robin Auld, The Kalahari Surfers and more.


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